Thursday, July 21, 2011


After the many flight delays and cancellations yesterday, Suk Joon was finally able to fly in this morning. Immediately following lunch we got straight to work. Suk Joon tested the various stopping methods in the new instrument laptop code and was able to get all of them working.

Due to the favorable weather conditions, we decided to do a full test. We set a course of points 50-150m apart from the north end of camp and moving north east. During the test the snow ranged from very hard(<1 of boot sinkage) to soft (>6 in of boot sinkage). Yeti was able to complete the first 13 waypoints, but the thick snow at the 14 point cause Yeti to go in circles around the point, never getting close enough to register that it was at the point.

Yeti driving off into the wild on its autonomous journey

After dinner we attempted to do a nearly identical run. The cold weather helped firm up the snow and Yeti was able to reach the waypoints after circling them several times.

The flight out of Summit is still scheduled for the 23rd so we will start packing up after breakfast tomorrow. This trip has gone by way too quickly. I've just started to get use to the altitude and almost all of Yeti's mechanical problems have been solved. I'm definitely going to miss Quentin's wonderful cooking, but a nice warm room will be a welcome change after a week in a freezing cold tent.


At August 2, 2011 at 1:49 AM , Blogger Eric Trautmann said...

nice to see you guys are making good progress. Can you add and/or turn up the integrator term to minimize your pointing error towards waypoints so you don't end up circling around them?


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