Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Notes on Summit and the Project

Summit is a camp at the peak of the Greenland ice sheet. The camp is located at about 10,500 feet elevation and the temperature stays below freezing year around. The temperature has generally ranged between -20F and 20F. Various scientific groups do a variety of research on the snow, air, and ice in the area. Food is prepared by the camp chef who has cooked a variety of delicious meals from curry to gumbo.

This summer's deployment to Greenland has two main purposes. First, it is a test of the autonomous control system on Yeti to ensure it can follow complicated paths as required by scientists. Second, Yeti is collecting surface roughness data for Dartmouth researcher Mary Albert and particulate matter data for UNH researcher Jack Dibb.

The overall goal of the Cool Robot project is to create an autonomous robot platform which can be used with a variety of scientific packages. Yeti, along with the solar powered Cool Robot can be programmed with GPS coordinates and sampling procedures and allowed to collect data with little or no user interaction.


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