Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Second Day at the Summit

Today, we decided to fix the problems that we found yesterday.
In the morning, we first worked on the connection between the sled and the robot. We first changed the connection from the pipe/ aluminum bracket to the pipe/ rope configuration. This hammock configuration enabled the sled to be offset from the robot so that the turning momentum of the robot was not so big. Furthermore, we shorten the pipe so that the distance between the robot and the instrument sled was not so big. After this change, the turning of the robot was significantly faster and smoother.
In the afternoon, I had to take a break due to altitude sickness. While I was taking a break, Tom worked on setting up of Trimble GPS. By the end of the afternoon, Tom configured GPS successfully.
In the evening, we did several autonomous runs with the instrument sled connected to the robot. Yeti completed the runs successfully even with more complex patterns of square wave. However, the robot again failed to stop after the completion of the autonomous run.
Late at night, I worked on the dynamic C code and the driving java code to fix this problem in the autonomous run. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to test to code before I had to fly back to Kanger for altitude sickness.


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