Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Days 3 and Pictures from Day 1 and 2

pictures taken on the flight from Kanger to Summit

Photos taken by Suk Joon of the area around the base at Kanger

The KISS building we lived in at Kanger

The C130 which transported us to Summit

unloading the transport

Our work space in the Science Operations Building

arriving at Summit

Tuna melts for lunch

Manually driving Yeti behind the base

The tents we sleep in. They stay relatively warm, but my water bottles are partially frozen when I wake up in the mornings.

Suk Joon had to leave due to Altitude sickness so I've recruited other students up at summit to help me.

7/17 - Ran a 250m long test using a square wave going north of the Science Operations Building. The sensor package was assembled on the sled with the Trimble GPS antenna going between the instrument laptop and UNH's C.R.A.P. Rigid poles were used over ropes to prevent the instrument package from flipping and to allow Yeti to backup. Ropes were used to attach the poles to the sled to allow for some give between the robot and the sled.

The control code worked perfectly and the robot turned with almost no oscillation. Although this test was conducted entirely in base, data was still collected with the two particulate filters and the GPS.

A group of high school students from Greenland, Denmark, and the USA came to Summit for several days. I gave a short demo of how Yeti works and convinced several of them help me take Yeti on several runs


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