Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We have Google Analytics on this blog and we've seen certain areas of the country where people seem to be very interested in the project but we have no idea who they are. Please let us know if you're one of the people that checks this blog frequently, particularly if you live in or near Cohoes, NY; or Billerica, MA. If you are interested in sponsoring the project in any way, please contact me:

Every step of the way we've encountered more obstacles but tomorrow should be the day that we get wheels on the bot and have something that rolls, even if it doesn't drive.

Drew made a breakthrough with the GPS tonight in determining why it doesn't work. He figured out that we needed a chip to convert the signal from the GPS into the standard RS232 that we need for the processor. We still have to get it communication properly but we'll be working on that in the next couple days.

Gus is laying out the signal conditioning board tonight and we'll be sending that out for manufacture by Friday.

Our electronics enclosures may be backordered for a while, so we'll have to make temporary boxes while we test our system.


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