Monday, March 11, 2013

Yeti Surveys Warren Cave

After some debugging and testing, we performed some autonomous GPR surveys at Warren Cave.  Warren is one of several fumoralic ice caves that Mt. Erebus scientists enter to measure temperature, gas concentrations, and morphology.  Our LiDAR team, Jed and Drea, went into Warren Cave a few weeks ago to perform green LiDAR scans of Warren's interior.  I was lucky enough to accompany them and help out when I could.

Entrance to Warren Cave. 
In order to enter the cave, we had to anchor ourselves to stakes driven into the rock in case the cave ceiling collapsed under our weight.

Inside Warren Cave looking out.
Yeti did pretty well on the snow over Warren, except for some icy patches here and there. We set up a mountain tent as a staging area for Yeti's electronics, including a large DC car battery, an inverter, an extra GPR, extra laptop batteries, and extra Ultralife batteries.


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